R&DETAIL® Fabulous curls. Healthy skin.

Glossy Styling Paste

Style and shine

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Ideal for various lengths 

Tame your frizz and define your curls in less than a minute.

Try it for yourself. 100% risk free guarantee.

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Free 14 day return policy
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Sustainable materials

Want a hairstyler that also cares for your skin?

Moisture your hands while you style.

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Clever dispenser, hygienic & precise to dose.

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Smooth feel, easy to apply.

  • Short hair

    Use 1-2 pumps of Glossy Styling Paste

  • Mid-length hair

    Use 2-3 pumps of Glossy Styling Paste

  • Long hair

    Use 4 or more pumps of Glossy Styling Paste

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  • Wash your hair with your favorite shampoo

  • Towel dry, but keep some remaining moisture

  • Pump the product based on your hair length

  • Apply the product evenly through the length

  • Use hair diffusor or let it dry naturally

  • Enjoy natural, shiny look

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Developed with Medical Doctor and Stylists

R&DETAIL® is a privately owned business.

We create products in our own laboratory.

Our formulas are pure, safe to use and medically checked.

Vegan, cruelty free.

R&DETAIL is all about Research in Detail, where we develop products for fabulous hair & healthy skin.

Dr Ferdinand Pesch, Founder

Why did I start R&DETAIL?

Because there is no other brand that achieves this level of performance and cares for your skin at the same time.

Know more about us
  • Formulations approved by medical doctor

  • No animal derived ingredients

  • Mild for your skin and scalp, safe to use

  • Our forumulas are hydrating while you style

  • You do not need shampoo to rinse the product out

  • No silicones, no buildup on hair

  • We use mildest preservative system

  • We love animals & do not test our products on them

  • With R&DETAIL there is no sticky feeling on your hands

  • You have no greasy hair feeling after using our products

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Here's what our clients say about us

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews

Ich habe keine Auflistung der Inhaltsstoffe gefunden, ich finde gerade ein Produkt was mit seiner Verträglichkeit wirbt sollte doch transparent damit umgehen, wirkt leider so für mich nur wenig vertrauenswürdig. Schade

Hallo Simon,
Danke für deinen Kommentar. Wir überarbeiten derzeit unseren Shop. Die Liste der Inhaltsstoffe für jedes Produkt werden wir in Kürze veröffentlichen. Sobald dies abgeschlossen ist, werde ich Dir gerne eine Nachricht senden. Wir hoffen, dass dies Dein Vertrauen in uns stärkt und Dich davon überzeugt, unsere fantastischen Produkte auszuprobieren Herzliche Grüße, R&DETAIL Team

Perfect for curls

Ideal for contouring curls. Best results right after showering with wet hair.

this paste is amazing !!!

my curls look super with this product

Curly hairs out there, try R&DETAIL Glossy Styling Paste!

There is no better feeling than giving someone else joy and that's exactly what R&DETAIL Glossy Styling Paste achieves.
All of us with curly hair know that caring for our hair is a full-time job, which is why we appreciate hair products that make this job easier.
R&DETAIL Glossy Styling Paste not only feels good on the hair, but it can be easily distributed throughout the hair. In addition, it smells incredibly good and fresh.
I am very satisfied with it and can only recommend it.


Tolles Parfum. Super Spender. Sehr gutes Gefühl auf der Hand, leicht im Haar zu verteilen, tolle Locken. Ich finde es super, dass Glossy mit einem Arzt entwickelt wurde. So angenehm auf der Kopfhaut.