Beneath the Surface: The Art and Science of Cosmetic Packaging

Beneath the Surface: The Art and Science of Cosmetic Packaging

Cosmetic packaging is more than just an aesthetic appeal.

It protects the content of the product, it allows safe transportation, it ensures easy availability of the product and ease of dosage. And not to forget: it is supposed to keep the product in good condition after being opened.

There are major dangers for your cosmetic product:

Oxidation: about 20% of the air that we breath consists of Oxygen. But as essential as Oxygen is, it causes oxidation of the product: the consequence is that the ingredients suffer from oxidation. This you will notice by change of color, appearance and smell of your cosmetic.

Contamination: the air is full of molds and bacteria. Just imagine what happens if you leave a jar of jam on your kitchen table for a week or so. You will experience growth of mold on top of the jam. And this will happen just by opening the glass or the jar. Even worse when you go in with your fingers. There will be always bacteria and molds on your fingers.

 Respectively a lot of strong and potent preservatives are needed to kill those molds and bacteria. Many manufacturers are using harsh or potentially risky chemicals such as parabens.

Evaporation: if you do not immediately seal the product after use, the moisture in the product will evaporate and the product will not be as easy to distribute when the jar is only half full compared to a virgin fresh product.

In that respect the worst of all packaging for a cosmetic product is a jar: the cosmetic product is exposed to air, it gets easily contaminated and the product evaporates.


Not quite as bad are packaging such as bottles, tubes etc. where you at least reduce the risk of direct contamination by going in with your fingers.


The best of all the packaging are those where the product is sealed and protected from the outside and not even air can get into the packaging. Among a few others such as aerosol cans, this is the Airless Dispenser


Airless Dispensers: Airless dispenser packaging is designed to minimize exposure to air. It works on a vacuum system, preventing air from entering the container as you use the product. This helps maintain the product's integrity and reduces oxidation, contamination and evaporation to a minimum, ensuring that your cosmetics remain effective over an extended period. The preservative systems for airless dispensers can be kept to an essential minimum.


Hygienic and Contamination-Free: These dispensers eliminate the need for the user's fingers to come into direct contact with the product, reducing the risk of contamination. Preservative systems for airless dispensers can emphasize protection against microbial contamination. Therefore it is sufficient to use a very mild preservative system, which makes the product much more skin friendly.


Precise Dosage: Airless dispensers provide accurate and consistent dosages with each pump, reducing waste and making it easier to manage how much product you use. Preservative systems for airless dispensers need to account for precise and controlled dispensing.


Longer Shelf Life: The absence of air in the container means that products in airless dispensers have a longer shelf life. This can be particularly advantageous for products containing active ingredients or natural extracts that may be sensitive to environmental factors.


Elegant and Aesthetic: Airless dispensers are often sleek and modern in design, enhancing the overall aesthetic of the product. They are also typically easy to use and visually appealing. Preservative systems for airless dispensers can be designed to complement the overall user experience.


Product Integrity: The vacuum mechanism ensures that the product is fully dispensed, minimizing waste and maximizing the value of your purchase. Preservative systems for airless dispensers should align with the goal of preserving the product's integrity from the first use to the last.


Responsible cosmetics manufacturers should go one step further: not only in using the innovative packaging technology, but also ensuring that materials are sterile before being filled into the packaging.


Be challenging to your suppliers and take a closer look in what you are using on your body and hair.


With love and style,

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