One of the Hairdressing Industry's Greatest Challenges: Managing Sensitive Skin

One of the Hairdressing Industry's Greatest Challenges: Managing Sensitive Skin

Being a stylist is an art that requires skilled hands, a creative mind, and a genuine passion for making people look and feel their best. While hairdressers focus on their clients' hair, they must also pay attention to the unique challenges posed by sensitive skin.

Statistical data is shocking, as 30% of Stylists drop off from their profession in the first 3 years when starting their job.

The issue remains huge not only for stylists but also for their clients, as 47 % of Europeans have Skin issues and 71 % of European citizens are suffering from sensitive skin*.

Stylists remain at the peak of the risk due to:

• Exposure to chemicals (color bleach, perm)

• Exposure to surfactants (shampoo, conditioner, treatment, aerosol products)

• Exposure to water (repetitive washing of hands, moisture developing under the gloves)

Which basically leads that almost 100% of Stylists are at risk for developing skin issues due do their job.

As sensitive skin is such a common issue that affects a substantial portion of the population it's essential for Stylists to recognize that their clients may have sensitive skin at the same time to be aware of the potential consequences of their profession.

Stylists have a crucial role in safeguarding their job and providing valuable advice to their clients for protecting their skin and scalp. In our upcoming blog articles, we'll dive deeper into various topics related to skin and scalp care.

Stay tuned for more insights on maintaining healthy skin and hair in the salon.

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* Sources: National Institutes of health (NIH), European Journal of Dermatology

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